Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day = Inventory Time

Happy Memorial Day to all you baseball fans.

And really, does it get any better than Memorial Day and baseball?

Maybe it does. Probably a picnic with some pie and maybe some fresh fruit. 

Or a juicy burger.

Anyway, my post today is to tell you a little secret: It's time to take inventory of your team.

The season is almost 1/3 over and each year I use Memorial Day as a mental reminder to address the weaknesses that are probably now apparent.

If your HR and RBI are lacking and you're rockin' and rollin' in wins and K's, it might be time to cash out a Santana or Haren for a Howard or a Teixeira. 

Steals and saves are the categories you can make up the most ground the quickest, so you might wanna target some good buy-low speed like Michael Bourn (horrible avg., but quietly improving) or Todd Jones (Tigers won't keep underachieving all season, right?)

Try not to overreact or overpay, just because you're tanking it somewhere. The best thing about taking inventory is to not just focus on your league standings, but to really analyze who on your team is underproducing or over, for that matter, to get a realistic picture.

And if you've been thinking of punting a category, now is the time. Say Carlos Gomez is your only speedster and you're still sitting in last place ... see who could really use a steal burst and maybe you can fetch a Jason Bay or a Carlos Quentin.

The key is to discover the needs of another owner and start a dialogue. In most cases, you'll have a deal hammered out within 48 hours.

At minimum, you have new guys to follow. And just maybe it'll help the clubhouse chemistry.


Anonymous said...

Quentin! Quentin! Quentin!!