Friday, February 27, 2009

Manny turns down Dodgers' latest offer

It's almost hard to imagine.

In an economy this bad, anyone would turn down a 2-year, $45 million deal.

But then again, it is Manny Ramirez.

After the Los Angeles Dodgers worked to restructure the deal to Manny's specifications (including making the second year a PLAYER option), the free agent dreadlocked one told L.A., naah, I'm good.


Turn down a guaranteed $45 million in a time when it seems like 45 million are unemployed?

I sure hope Manny and agent Scott Boras know what they're doing.

Word is, they want to get paid what Manny is worth. Well, newsflash, he's only worth what a team is willing to pay.

The market has dried up faster than Tiger Woods' Match Play performance, and the Dodgers have come out and said they feel like they're negotiating with themselves.

This game of chicken doesn't appear to be ending any time soon.

Manny needs L.A. And L.A. needs Manny.

In the end, a deal will get done, but neither may be happy.

Fantasy Spin: The only really valuable Manny is one that's paid according to him. Is Manny a top 5 player? Possibly. Is he worth more than 25/1 or 45/2 at his age? Not in these economics. What may hurt his fantasy value most is Boras' inflated value of him. If Manny thinks the Dodgers are going cheap on him, there's a chance you could see Sulking Mannny and not NLCS Manny. And he difference is about two rounds in a fantasy draft. Either way, you can't expect him to do what he did in the last half of last year. He's not going to hit .350. That was a contract year and this will not be. Early-to-mid second round is the earliest I'd bite.

Coming soon: Look for a position-by-position fantasy preview, starting next week, just in time for your draft.


Michael said...

Apparently, the Dodgers were only going to actually pay the guy around $10 mil this year, with the rest of that 25 deferred for some time. Granted, it seems like a dumb move to turn it down, but the guy has every right to look out for #1.

chunko said...

Can you say "Latrell Sprewell", who turned down a $20 million deal and was never heard from again?  I don't think many tears would be shed if Manny joined Latrell on the list of most doofus athletes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, Spring Training in full swing and he needs to get that fat butt of his in shape, let him keep walking, I hope he goes unsigned the whole year, and he sure won't make my Fantasy roster this season.