Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peavy may be out for 12 weeks

A quick update about Jake Peavy, who's been doing a lousy job disguising his hobbled ankle, but gutsy nonetheless...

The Padres are saying Peavy will be out at least a month with a cast on his ankle to help a partially torn tendon heal. Peavy has been dealing with it since May 22.

But a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune late Friday night says that, according to trainer Todd Hutcheson, it could be eight to 12 weeks before Peavy gets back on the mound.

Eight to 12? At least a month? Maybe it's all the same diagnosis, but if you're an owner (or worse, in multiple leagues), you have my deepest sympathies. I'm feeling your pain. Send yourself some flowers if it'll help.

But it's time to move on. Time to write him off, at least for considerable contributions. The injury probably eliminates any trade talk to the Cubs or another contender. Maybe you'll get 12 starts out of Peavy, but counting on anything more is about as smart as buying stock in GM. In 2006.

Certainly, if you can get 70 cents on the dollar, sell. I'm thinking a John Lackey, Felix Hernandez or Cliff Lee type would all be decent 1-for-1 returns.


MichaelProcton said...

The "at least a month" comes from the fact that he'll have a cast on at least that long before he's evaluated again.