Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moylan on DL; grab Acosta

First Joe Borowski, and now Peter Moylan.

The Braves closer followed suit, landing on the DL just hours after Borowski was shelved with a strained right triceps after he topped out at 83 on the gun and blew another save Monday night.

Moylan, who was the surprise closer fill-in for Rafael Soriano, has been sidelined with a right elbow strain and Manny Acosta, who was originally thought to fill in for Soriano, will now get his chance.

So, if you missed out on Cleveland setup guru Rafael Betancourt, or don't fill like rolling the dice with other closer candidates Masa Kobayashi or Rafael Perez, go grab Acosta, who's probably just been dropped in the last 48 hours.

This is why you don't pay retail for saves at your draft. It's too much fun trying to steal them for cheap along the way.


Anonymous said...

There's a disease going around called Sorianoitis.