Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Waiver Wired: Floyd, Owings

It's Wednesday, which can only mean one thing.

American Idol is on tonight.

I'm joking. But you can hit up Theoden Janes' Just You Watch entertainment blog. He's got that covered.

It's Waiver Wired Wednesday, where we break down two players (one from each league) that might be sitting on your waiver wire, just waiting to be plucked.

Do you feel plucky?


Gavin Floyd, SP, White Sox

Floyd's stock took a Google-like surge after his near no-no on Saturday, leaving with a 1-hitter after 7 1/3 innings against a Detroit lineup that was preseason considered one of the best in the bigs.

By the 6th inning, I added him in my AL-only league. On Sunday, he was snatched in my 18-team mixed league (that's right, 18 teams, don't get me started) and on Monday an owner took a flyer on him in the 10-team mixed league.

While I can't support him being a solid pickup option in all formats, Floyd is definitely ownable in any league 12 teams and larger.

Even before the season started, eccentric White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen praised Floyd, saying he has good enough stuff to be a No. 1 starter, although putting your faith in Ozzie is about as safe as having the beer guy watch your kids.

But it's true. Floyd's always had the stuff to be a top pitcher, although he may never hit ace status. Last year with the Charlotte Knights, Floyd sported a 3.12 ERA, a 1.20 WHIP and 96 Ks in 106 innings.

Here's some footage of Floyd pitching against Pawtucket, including some close-up shots, which makes you wonder if his maybe it was Floyd's mom that posted this on YouTube:

But what about Floyd's numbers after his callup last year? A 5.27 ERA and 1.49 WHIP in 70 innings?

Well, the learning curve can be steep sometimes and even the best struggle their rookie season, ala Cole Hamels and Tim Lincecum.

You could instead take a gamble on high upside guys like Greg Smith of Oakland or Tampa Bay's Jeff Niemann but both those guys could lose their spot due to injury once their staff is fully healed.

Floyd's spot is secure.


Micah Owings, SP, Arizona

Best known for his 2-HR game last year, Owings batted .333 in 60 at-bats and actually pinch-hit five times for the D'backs.

But the only thing this shows you is he's an excellent athlete, which may bode well for his stamina toward the end of the season.

Two spring trainings ago, I saw Owings mow down the Cubs in impressive fashion in Tuscon and thought to myself, some day this guy's going to be a fantasy factor, even though he was a long shot to make Arizona's Opening Day roster.

Now, he's a fixture and after he pitched 6 innings of 3-hit ball in San Francisco, striking out 6, Owings is currently tied for 10th in the majors with 19 Ks. Although it was the Giants, possibly the 30th best offense, or first most pathetic, depending on your view. And don't expect more than 150 strikeouts, but the Tulane product has the stuff (low 90s fastball, great command) and stature (6-foot-5) to anchor the back end of your pitching staff.

Sure, the Padres' Randy Wolf is on fire right now and will probably be good for another month or so, and Mike Pelfry is another young guy who seems to be figuring it all out, but given the choice, I'd still take a chance on Owings.


  • Yes, it's true, Alfonso Soriano was injured last night, taking that girly hop, right before he caught a flyball in the first inning. Official word is a strained right calf and Soriano's already on the DL. Eric Patterson has been called up, but knowing Lou Piniella, it'll be more like a combination of Patterson, Mike Fontenot, Ronny Cedeno and Reed Johnson who will all see more at-bats.
  • Albert Pujols seems fine after injuring his wrist, staying in the game, but owners can't be loving highlights of Pujols writhing in pain.
  • Almost like two ships passing in the night, Erik Bedard was quietly shifted to the DL Tuesday and the Mariners aren't saying much, other than he wouldn't miss any more starts this way and they could pull up another pitcher. If we're keeping score, I'm officially in the concerned camp, but not yet worried.
  • Rich Harden says he's thinking about throwing soon. As a Harden owner in one league, I've learned to take whatever positive news I can get.


Anonymous said...

Floyd's a great pickup.
He had high ERA last year when he was called up but is 3-0 against Detroit (including last year) with only giving up one run.