Thursday, July 24, 2008

Glove is all Alexei Ramirez needs

Alexei Ramirez, the kid with the unorthodox spelling of his first name, made an play so unorthodox Wednesday, it may be the highlight of the year.

For fantasy pundits, Alexei is almost a household name by now. Starting the season on the bench, and barely able to get a spot start from White Sox coach Ozzie Guillen, the Cuban infielder is ranked 45th in Yahoo! the past month with has been turning heads this past month with 4 HR, 4 SB, 14 runs, 14 RBI and a .349 average.

But in the field, he's making one Web Gem after another. Over the past month since taking over Jose Uribe's 2B gig, a buddy of mine from my hometown of Peoria, Ill., who has borderline unhealthy White Sox rooting interests, will email me several times a week about Alexei's latest spectacular fielding play.

A diving catch here. A miraculous turn of a DP there.

Almost always the term "unbelievable" is in the e-mail somewhere.

But the real irony is that the biggest reason Ozzie wouldn't give him the everyday job was because he was worried about his fielding. And now, he's just a steady stream of highlight reel fodder.

Nice one, Ozzie.

Check this filp out:

If by chance, Alexei is still available, it's time to hit the button. He's a 20-20 guy that could very well hit over .300. Those guys don't grow on fantasy trees. Especially at the 2B position.

And if he makes another fantastic play, don't bother emailing me the video.

My buddy has already sent it to my inbox.


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Wow! i'm famous now.