Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is it time to sell off power?

It's as if you forgot to pay Duke power this month.

And last month, too.

For whatever reason, your guys collectively seem allergic to hitting home runs and driving in runs.

And you're running out of time. It's almost August, you tell yourself as you flip The Far Side calendar. ("Faster, Fifi, Faster!" ... man, that Gary Larson is warped).

So, what do you do?

You're last or second to last and the upward climb seems steeper than Mount Kilanmajaro.

You basically have two options. And they both involve trades.

1). Forget about your power stats altogether and start a fire sale, turning your Mark Teixeiras and Carlos Penas for speed guys, power arms, etc.

2). Figure out where you have any fat on your team, likely on the pitching side, and go get yourself another bat or two. 

But you have to act. Passivity is not an option to get out of this hole. If your power is lousy, your overall standings can't be much better.

The good news is that at this point in the year, savvy owners are looking to manage their categories and many will be willing to trade. If you want to punt HR/RBI, check out who has speed or average or pitching to spare and start sending out an e-mail or trade offers.

It might backfire, sure, but look at the alternative.

It's time to roll the dice and go down swinging. Not tomorrow, but today. Your season is slipping away.

And at this point, who cares if you come up snake-eyes?

Nobody remembers who finishes 9th.


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Time for you to get laid!

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Time to enable 'account only' posts.

and I liked your old headline better! :)

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then i create an account and bust your balls anyway...duh