Monday, March 24, 2008

Is March Madness better than fantasy?

It's the morning after and your bracket is busted.

March Madness has never been better, especially if you're a Davidson fan. Or Western Kentucky alumni. You've gotta be out there somewhere.

But as we watched a stretch on Sunday afternoon, where Davidson came back from the dead to stun Georgetown and Tennessee edge Butler in a pulse-pounding overtime affair, just moments after Texas nearly suffered a monumental collapse against Miami, two thoughts came to mind.

1). Why doesn't CBS use split screen?

2). Is March Madness better than fantasy baseball?

The games are completely different. You fill out that bracket and for 3 weekends in March (or April), you find yourself cheering for teams that make no sense. One minute, Villanova is your sugar daddy. The next, you hate the Drake.

But as exhilarating as the NCAA Tourney can be, does it match 6 months of high's and low's that the fantasy baseball season provides?

  • We all held our breath as Western Kentucky's Ty Rogers nailed a 26-foot 3-pointer as time expired. But that reminds you of that 2006 season, when everyone at the draft groaned when you picked The Gambler, Kenny Rogers, who led you to the championship with 17 wins and a 3.84 ERA.
  • You were an emotional wreck at the end of the Stanford-Marquette game, as Brook Lopez got that amazing roll on the baseline leaner with 1.3 seconds left in overtime. This brings back memories of your 2003 team that rode Javy Lopez's 43 home run season to your first fantasy title.
  • You couldn't help but jump off your couch as Stephen Curry drained 3-pointer after 3-pointer, then sliced through traffic with the underhanded scoop layup to lead Davidson to a stunning Sweet 16 berth. But that takes you back to June 10 last year, when, on a hunch, you put Stephen Drew in at SS in your daily head-to-head league, and with two-out in the ninth, he hammers a Trevor Hoffman pitch for the game-winner HR.

Maybe there is no right answer. The highs are higher in March Madness, sure, but the lows are lower.

In fantasy baseball, you learn to temper the agony, but when things go your way, you usually stay seated on your couch.

So, which is better in your opinion?


Anonymous said...

Outstanding Blog. In fact the best fantasy baseball blog I've ever read.

Mrs. Boots

Anonymous said...

Fantasy baseball is way better. March madness makes you miserable for about two weeks. Fantasy baseball has the pleasure of making life miserable for 6 months.