Monday, March 31, 2008

Live Blog 13: All systems go...K.C. wins

We currently have 9 games being played right now. 

Someone get me an IV.

Just a few updates that may have some fantasy significance:

Royals: Joakim Soria nailed down a shaky 9th for a save as K.C. stuns the Detroit crowd, 5-4 in the 11th. Make that 8 games right now.

Cubs: The tarps are back off and both Sheets and Zambrano came back out. Sheets has 6 K's; Zambrano 4. Fukudome, who was brought over from Japan for his high obp., just walked after leading off with a double. I'd say a 1.000 obp is a decent start.

Dodgers: Jeff Kent, yeah, the 40-year-old Jeff Kent, just took Barry Zito yard, which either makes Kent look like the best 40-year-old 2nd base fantasy option ever or Zito the worst $17 million pitcher ever. You can decide. As a sidenote, Ray Durham started at 2B for the Giants, for all of you out there looking for cheap speed in Eugenio Velez, who stole 16 in spring training. Keep an eye on that.

Phillies: Chase Utley homered to cut the Nats' lead to 6-3. It's safe to say Utley is the best 2B option, Ray Durham included.

Cardinals: St. Louis, who hasn't made one significant move since winning the 2006 World Series, is off to a 4-1 lead with Rick Ankiel's 2-run double the biggest blow. Ankiel's incredible story was marred by his link to HGH, but he's out to show he's no one-hit wonder. Vanilla Ice just took offense to that comment.

Rays: Up 6-2 after an RBI-single by C Dioneer Navarro, who also has been caught stealing. Navarro, trying to do his best Russell Martin impersonation, had just 3 SB last year. James Shields has pitched 6 strong innings, but only has 2 K's.


Anonymous said...

It's like you're boycotting my players. Or like they're not hitting home runs. Hmmmm.