Monday, March 31, 2008

Live Blog 8: Thome tags Sabathia

Now, we're cooking.

In the top of the first at the Jake, Jim Thome takes last year's Cy Young winner C.C. Sabathia out of the park.

Much is made about the Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers lineups being potent, but the heart of the White Sox can hang with anyone with the addition of Cabrera and Swisher to Thome-Konerko-Dye. 

There's little chance Chicago's South Siders can ride its pitching staff to the World Series like in 2005, but this lineup could make them a surprise team in the AL Central.

Fantasy Spin: Sure, Thome is aging (he'll be 38 in Aug.), but the DH smacked 35 and drove in 96 last year despite missing 32 games. He'll be knicked up. That back will flare up from time to time. He'll probably land on the DL at least once. Lots of whirlpool time, for sure. But Thome can still provide you with top 20 power numbers so don't sleep on this likely HOFer. He's the epitome of pop in the bargain bin, but I'm OK with that.
Sabathia will be fine, but be wary of those 241 IP last season. Pitching on a contract year, it'll take a serious injury to shut Sabathia down, but you may see a tired arm after the All-Star break.


Anonymous said...

Great start for Fukudome!

Anonymous said...

And now the Tribe has jumped on Buerhle and Cleveland is up 6-2 in the bottom of the 2nd! Go Tribe!

Anonymous said...

Victor Martinez got hurt running the bases. He limped off and is out of the game. That could be a big fantasy loss.