Monday, March 31, 2008

Live Blog 7: Brewers-Cubs underway

After a 40-minute delay at Wrigley...let's play ball.

And who better to throw out the first pitch but Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, famous for his line "Let's Play Two!"

As I squint to see Carlos Zambrano through the fog, most Cubs fans will settle for one today. 

Yes, the Cubs unveiled the Ernie Banks statue and had a pre-game celebration with both Banks and Billy Williams. It's only about 2 decades too late for the Banks statue, but let's not split hairs. 

Zambrano's been explosive on Opening Days in the past, and not in a good way. No one will argue the guy is passionate. 

The potent Brewers lineup will be a big test today and Big Z pitched a solid first inning, giving up just one cheap infield single that Aramis Ramirez slightly muffed.

If the Cubs are going to try to break that 100-year curse, Zambrano will have to keep those emotions in check.

At least Michael Barrett isn't around to stir up the pot.


Anonymous said...

Sox are off to good start with Thome's homer and Buerhle's 8 pitch first inning.