Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Live Blog 9: Random thoughts

Odds and ends as we enter the bottom of the 8th:
  • For those of you who tuned in before the game, you caught the tail end of ESPN's fantasy draft show. Two thoughts came to mind: 1). Fantasy baseball has grown to the point where ESPN has a draft show. 2). Fantasy baseball is still getting that lucrative 5 a.m. slot.
  • Did anyone catch Steve Phillips' reference to fantasy baseball in the early innings? Good to hear a former GM talk to us fantasy GMs
  • Remember when Keith Foulke was a saves machine?
  • The Bud Selig interview. What was that? ESPN did its best not to ask the tough questions about all the offseason steroid stuff. And Selig kept stroking how great baseball is doing, with all the attendance records, going global, etc. Didn't hear Selig say anything about how baseball's ratings were down last year.
  • Do you think the concession stands carry California rolls?
  • Daric Barton has been everyone's sleeper after he hit 4 HR and .347 in 18 games last year, but Jack Hannahan, filling in for Eric Chavez, hit the go-ahead HR. File away Hannahan's name for those in AL-only and deep mixed leagues. Chavez is so brittle, he makes Scott Rolen look like Cal Ripken Jr. 


Anonymous said...

Foulke. not Folke.

It seemed as if the ChiSox were ahead after 8, Foulke would go 1,2,3. Ding!

Anonymous said...

California rolls are an American invention.....just like fantasy baseball......Toss