Monday, March 31, 2008

Live Blog 9: Tiger pen blows Verlander win

All you Justin Verlander owners banking on that Opening Day victory.


But get used to it. 

Verlander pitched 6 solid innings and left the game with 2 runners on.

Let me introduce you to the Tigers bullpen. Enough said.

In what sounds like a dish at a Cuban restaurant, Grilli-Seay-Lopez, gave up the tying and go-ahead runs and suddenly a somewhat-struggling Meche can get the win. 

As a quick sidebar: What do you do, when you have a starting pitcher (Meche) on one team facing a closer (Todd Jones) on the other team in a tight game? 

This is the fantasy equivalent to the question, what's the sound of one hand clapping?

There is no answer. Just hope you get one or the other and not neither because if a fantasy win from your team falls in the middle of the woods, believe me, only you will hear it.

Fantasy Spin: This may become a broken record for Verlander/Bonderman/Willis/Rogers owners. The Tigers bullpen is shaky .. on a good day. Until flame-thrower Zumaya and setup specialist Rodney can get healthy. And still, there's Todd Jones in the bullpen, waiting patiently to give away another half dozen games. This almost offsets the number of 12-7 wins the Tigers pitchers will get because of the potent lineup.


Adam R. said...

Once again, this is fun! I am tracking you from Europe, so it is bed for be pretty soon, but thanks for the live coverage.

Trevor Freeze said...

thanks adam r.

glad to have an international fan out there. i use the term fan loosely.

where country are you living in?

hope i can help win your fantasy league.

Adam R. said...

Fan is an ok work, but perhaps not international. I'm American, but have been living in Albania for the last three years. Dave Kaynor is my brother-in-law and he tuned me in to your blog. We are playing in a H2H league and the guy I am up against this week has Mark Buehrle. So that's a good start for my season!

Trevor Freeze said...

great to have you on the show.

drop me an email if you ever have any fantasy questions regarding a waiver pickup, trade, etc.

i'm sure it might be a little tough getting sage advice from the local market in albania.