Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mailbag: Breaking down Chipper

Fantasy mailbag:

Now that Chipper Jones has hit No. 400, how many of his home runs have come from each side of the plate?

Not surprisingly, Chipper's power surge has come predominantly from the left side of the plate.

Left-handed: 321
Right-handed: 82

But the Braves 3B has a stronger HR from the right side (every 22.9 at-bats) of the plate than the left (16.4). He has just seen about three times more right-handers throughout his career.

Chipper hit his 16th long ball of the season this year, driving in his 45th RBI in a 5-2 win over Texas.

His power numbers aren't quite on pace with Chase Utley and Lance Berkman to realistically chase the triple crown, but don't rule out a push at .400.

Nobody honestly thinks he can become the first player since Ted Williams (.406 in 1941) to hit that hollowed mark.

Still, it'll be fun to watch.

Fantasy spin: Chipper's value is at an all-time high, so he's an obvious sell-high candidate, but he might be so obvious that other folks will shy away from matching his current price tag, fearing a serious injury. Still, it doesn't hurt to shop him around.


Jemi said...

"hollowed mark"? I would like to apply for a proofreading position with the Observer.