Saturday, June 7, 2008

Piniella caught on Google Maps

A quick break in fantasy talk to bring you a quirky Lou Piniella sighting.

This takes a minute, but it's worth it. OK, it might not be, but humor me.

Click on Google Maps, then type in 3552 N. Clark, Chicago IL. This is the southwest corner of Wrigley Field, where Clark and Addison connect.

On the popup box, you'll see a link for street view, which is a fairly new feature for Google, in select cities. Then click the left arrow four times to bring the view around 180 degrees and - voila! - it's Cubs manager Lou Piniella.

The Cubs skipper, wearing a khaki t-shirt with jeans, is apparantly leaving Wrigley and is clicking his car-unlock feature at a black Tahoe, which is almost parked outside the line.

There's even Web sites dedicated specifically to this new Google Street phenomenon. Click here for a list of top 15 sightings.

Warning, some sightings are a little out there.


mark said...

hahaha that's awesome

Anonymous said...

is this him?