Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tigers' Thames...going, going, gone

So, you're looking for power?

Join the crowd.

Seems like anyone who even has warning track power is taken in deeper leagues.

But what about Marcus Thames?

We've been hearing about the 6-foot-2 right-handed swat master since he racked up 10 dingers in 165 at-bats with the Tigers in the 2004 season.

But we also look at that career .243 average and wince.

Lately, however, you can't ignore what Thames is doing, winning a regular OF job with 7 home runs since June 7. In fact, he's 7-for-28 with all 7 hits going yard.

And the two bombs launched Sunday were off Giants stud Tim Lincecum.

Anyone who needs pop should ride Thames while he's hot. This streak could last several more weeks. Or it could fizzle by July 4.

But right now, these are grand finale fireworks at roadside stand prices.


Todd Leahy said...


I would e-mail you, if I knew how to navigate Yahoo mail sign-in pages. My question is: Now that Chipper Jones has hit #400, how many of his hime runs have come froim each side of the plate?

Todd (tdleahy@carolina.rr.com)