Monday, June 16, 2008

Where reality trumps fantasy

I'm late.

I know. 

Those of you who have come accustomed to my daily posts, I apologize, but today was a dark day at The Charlotte Observer.

As you may have read on our home page, we are losing 11 percent of our workforce, including 123 throughout the building and 22 in the newsroom.

Those aren't fantasy numbers. It's a reality of a shrinking print world. 

But our online presence continues to grow, which is probably how you found me and that is a reason for hope.

Still, with very little creative juices today, I found myself unable to whip up the usual candor or fantasy advice as our industry faces its biggest obstacle to date and we all try to get our head around the new realities of our smaller newsroom.

I know, this may be the longest post that basically says nothing.

But I shall return tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

From a reader across the river at the Gazette, I feel you. Our newsroom here is in the same position.

I do love the blog here, though. I'm currently holding down second place in The Gazette league because of your advice.